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CT850 Motorized Treadmill

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₹ 308000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Weight397 lbs.
Cushioning6 Cushioned Elastomers
Deck1 Inch Phenolic, Double-Sided, Wax-Coated
Maximum User Weight450 lbs
HandrailsShort Lateral, Dipped Tubing
Dimensions84 x 35 x 57 Inch
Speed.5 to 12 mph
Power120 Volts (NEMA 5-20P Electrical Cord); 20 Amp Circuit Recommended
Rollers3.0 /3.0 Inch (Crowned)
Drive Motor4.0 HP AC Drive w/Grade H Insulation
Incline15 Levels
Belt22 x 60 Inch, Habasit Commercial, Multi-Ply

  • A single treadmill can achieve diverse workout patterns. The CT850 allow up to 15% incline, demanding more muscle activity as the incline increases.
  • Comfort is granted through a spacious 22”x- 60” workout area for tall users.
  • Our flagship product line, which was introduced in 1986, has continued to evolve with the times. Convenient adjustments and monitoring, unique feedback, and creative programs are standard design features. Whether you are a beginner interested in walking or an athlete dedicated to running, the Spirit Fitness CT850 meets your needs.

Features :
  • Console Feedback: A 9” multi-color backlit LCD screen that conveniently displays 9 pieces of data at a time to keep you informed and motivated.
  • Hear Rate % Profile: Heart Rate training is proven to be one of the best ways to measure your workout. Our Heart Rate % Profile gives you a quick reference of your % compared to the maximum projected heart rate. The LED lights up in Amber for 50-60%, Green for 65% to 80%, and Red for 85%+.
  • Direct control buttons: The ability to quickly program a specific incline or speed with just a few key strokes.
  • Cushioning: 6 cushions evenly distributed throughout the unit ensure a comfortable experience.
  • C-Safe: The console has C-Safe Power & Communication capabilities for A/V control and virtual racing interaction with WebRacing® software.

Specification :
  • Console: Large Red-LED Matrix Window w/20-Character Message Center, and 4 Separate LED Windows, with tablet-friendly reading rack holder, convenient water bottle holder, and cargo compartment for keys, phone, or MP3 player.
  • Console Feedback: Time, Distance, Calories, Pace, Speed, Incline, Pulse, and Mets
  • Heart Rate: Contact & Telemetric, (Heart Rate Strap Not Included)
  • Frame: Heavy-Gauge High-Strength Steel w/ Durable Powder-Coat Paint, Aluminum Console Masts

Gym Exercise Treadmill Machine

₹ 115600/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Motor Power4 HP
Maximum User Weight150
Model Name965 GALAXY II
Motor TypeAC
Peak Motor Power (in HP)8
Incline Level1-20

Treadmills Exercise Machine

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Product Brochure
Motor Power3 HP
Maximum User Weight150
Model Name755 BEAST
Motor TypeAC
SpeedUPTO 22 KM/HR
Peak Motor Power (in HP)7 HP PEAK DUTY

Spirit CT825 Treadmill

₹ 260000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Max User Weight450 lbs.
Weight353 lbs.
Cushioning6 Cushions (rear rigid mount)
Deck1" Phenolic,Reversible,Double-Sided,Wax-Coated
Speed.5 to 12 mph
Incline0 to 15%
Dimension84 x 35 x 57 Inch
Drive Motor4.0Chp/8Hp Peak AC Drive w/Grade H Insulation
Belt22" x 60",Habasit Commercial,Multi-Ply
HandrailsShort Lateral,Dipped Tubing

Features :

  • Motor : This unit comes equipped with a 4.0 hp continuous duty DC motor with Grade H insulation. There are 2 fans that keep the motor cool to ensure it doesn''t overheat and need replacing prematurely.
  • Belt : A durable Multi-ply Habasit® belt is included for comfort and long life.
  • Heart Rate % Profile :There is a bar graph integrated into the console that lets you know where your heart rate is in relation to projected maximum (calculated when you enter your age in the programming section of each program).
  • Rollers : 3 diameter rollers are a standard specification on the heavy duty frame.

Spirit CT-900 Treadmill

₹ 525000/Piece Get Latest Price

Motor Power5.0 HP
Motor TypeAC
FeaturesHeart Rate Monitor
Maximum User Weight450 lbs.
FrameEpoxy hybrid, double powder coated, heavy gauge high strength steel
Power120 Volts (NEMA 5-20P Electrical cord); 20 Amp Circuit recommended
Dimensions84 x 35 x 60 Inch
Belt22" x 62", Habasit Commercial, Multi-Ply
Heart RateContact & Telemetric (Chest strap sold separately)
Drive Motor5.0 HP AC Drive System
Speed0.5 - 12 mph / 0 - 15%
Deck1 Inch Phenolic, Double-Sided, Wax-Coated
Product Weight473 lbs.
Rollers3 Inch

Robust construction and commercial-grade components make the Spirit CT-900 Treadmill the standard for any treadmill to measure against. Specifications for the shocks, rollers, belt and deck were meticulously chosen to give users a smooth workout experience. Powder-coated steel, powerful motor, and outstanding warranty allow owners to rest assured they have products that will stand the test of time.

Features :

  • Console Feedback: Premium, ultra-bright blue LED display with built-in fan, integrated reading rack with C-Safe port and power port for TV remote, heart rate graph bar
  • Muscle Activation: It’s important to understand which muscle groups are gaining the most benefit during your workout. On our treadmills, you will be using your glute (bottom), hamstring (back of your thigh), quad (thigh), calf, pec and arm muscles.
  • Hear Rate % Profile: Heart Rate training is proven to be one of the best ways to measure your workout. Our Heart Rate % Profile gives you a quick reference of your % compared to the maximum projected heart rate. The LED lights up in Amber for 50-60%, Green for 65% to 80%, and Red for 85%+.
  • Preset Programs: A wide variety of popular workouts for the average user while fitness tests, heart rate programs and a custom program are available for more serious users. The fitness test programs include a Gerkin Protocol Fitness Test and 6 Readiness Test Programs (Army, Navy, AirForce, Marines, Coast Guard, PEB).
  • Cooling Fan: Cooling fans that swivel is standard on all of our treadmills. This may just be the reason you extend your workout by a few minutes.
  • Cushioning: 6 cushions evenly distributed throughout the unit ensure a comfortable experience.

Specification :
  • Console: Premium, ultra-bright blue LED display with built-in fan, integrated reading rack with C-Safe port and power port for TV remote, heart rate graph bar
  • Programs: manual, hill, 5K, HR, fat burn, cardio, HIIT, interval, fitness tests (Gerkin, WFI, Army PFT, Navy PRT, Air Force, Marine PRT, Physical Therapy PEB, Coast Guard, Chester)

Gym Exercise Treadmill

₹ 44000/Piece Get Latest Price

Motor Power1.5 HP
Maximum User Weight110 kg
Model Name159
Motor TypeAC
SpeedUPTO 14 KM/HR
Peak Motor Power (in HP)3 HP PEAK
Incline LevelUPTO 12%

CT 750 Treadmill

₹ 145000/Piece Get Latest Price

Running Surface560 x 1525 mm
CategoryCommercial Use
Motor TypeAC
ModelCT 750
Max User Weight150 kgs
Gross Weight108.2 kgs
Speed Range1~18KM
Net Weight98 kgs
Running MatAnti- Static / 1.6 mm
Computer DisplayMulti -LCD 6.5" window for time,speed,incline,distance,program,calories,pulse
Moving Wheel2 x Moving Wheels
Dimension1960 x 895 x 1365 mm
Computer ProgramsManual,9 Programs (P1-P9),2 User,2 HRC,Muscleman,Heat rate bar,5 Quick keys for Speed,5 Quick K
Incline RangeFront Power Incline / 0 - 15 Level
Quickly Button8,4,Speed - 2,6,10,10 ; Incline - 2
Motor3.0 HP Ac Motor

A high end AC treadmill for personal and semi commercial usage. 

Treadmill Exercise

₹ 77350/Piece Get Latest Price

Motor Power2 HP
Maximum User Weight130 kg
Model Name162
Motor TypeAC
Peak Motor Power (in HP)5 HP PEAK

CT755 Treadmill

₹ 195000/Piece Get Latest Price

FrameHeavy-Gauge High-Strength Steel w/ Durable Powder-Coat Paint
Weight279 lbs
Cushioning6 Cushions (rear rigid mount)
Deck1 Inch Phenolic, Silicone Lubricated
Maximum User Weight425 lbs
Dimensions80 x 34 x 56 Inch
Belt22 x 60 Inch, 1.5 ply (2.5T)
Incline0 to 15%
Speed1 to 18Kms/Hrs
Rollers3 Inch
HandrailsShort Lateral, Incline & Speed controls on handlebars
Drive Motor3.0Chp /6Hp Peak Ac Motor

A full commercial treadmill perfect for small gyms / fitness facilities and personal usage from Spirit(USA).

F80 Sole Treadmill

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₹ 165000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Running Surface22 x 60 Inch
Width35 Inch
Weight265 Lbs.
Weight Capacity375 Lbs.
Deck Size35 x 80 Inch
Rollers2.75 Inch
Motor3.5 CHP, DC Type
Length80 Inch
Height58 Inch

  • The F80 Sole Treadmill Has Been Reviewed As "The Best Treadmill In Its Price Range" By Both Consumers And Numerous Consumer Resources. The F80 Treadmill Steps Up To An Industry Leading Warranty And The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, Shown In A Study To Reduce Impact Up To 40% (.365 - .400) As Compared To Running On Asphalt. Not Only Does The Deck Perform Like Other Commercial Brand Treadmills (costing Literally Thousands More), It's Also Covered By A Lifetime Warranty. The Strong, 3.5 Cont. Duty HP Motor Delivers Challenging Speeds Up To 12 Mph. And Inclines Up To 15%. And When Not In Use, The Treadmill Deck Safely Locks Into Place, 100% Secured.
  • SOLE's Folding Treadmill Frame Design For The F80 Originated From The Demand Of Hotels For A Treadmill As Mobile As A Room Service Cart, Yet Still Stable And Powerful. So Whether It's A Hotel Room Or Your Living Room, You Have The Best Of Both Worlds. Run Up To Six Preset Programs, Two Customizable Workout Programs And Two Heart Rate Programs. Other Safety Features Include A Large Stop Switch, Starts From Only 0.5 Mph And Low-profile Running Hood. A Great Value. Additional Features Include Cooling Fans And Speed And Incline Controls On The Arm Rests.
  • The Treadmill Console Is User Friendly With A Vibrant Display. The Information That Is Displayed At All Times Include Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Traveled, Calories, Pulse And Pace. There Is Also A 1/4 Mile Track Feature And A Peak And Valley Graph For Different Programs. The Console Also Has Built In Speakers Which Allow You To Hook Up Any MP3 Player (iPod, Etc.) For Easy Listening

F63 Sole Treadmill

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₹ 125000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Running Surface20 X 60 Inch
Width35 Inch
Weight254 Lbs
Weight Capacity325 lbs.
Rollers2.5 Inch
Length82 Inch
Speed5 - 12 mph
Motor3.0 CHP,DC
Workout Display6.5 inches LCD
Height57 Inch
Box Dimensions86 X 36 X 17 Inch

The F63 Sole Treadmill has been reviewed as "Simply the best quality treadmill in its price range" by numerous consumer resources and magazines. "At the sale price of $999, the F63 is an unbelievable value." SOLE has earned the reputation of building quality treadmills using the best components, the F63 holds true to this even at a lower price. The strong, 3.0 Cont. Duty HP motor delivers challenging speeds up to 12 mph and inclines up to 15 levels. And when not in use, the treadmill deck safely locks into place, 100% secured. Run up to six preset programs including, cardio training and fat burning specific programs. Other safety features include a large stop switch, starts from only 1.0 mph and low-profile running hood. A great value. Additional features include cooling fans and speed and incline controls on the arm rests. The treadmill console is user-friendly with a vibrant blue display. The information that is displayed at all times includes Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Traveled, Calories, Pulse and Pace. There is also a 1/4 mile track feature and a Peak and Valley graph for different programs. The console also has built-in speakers which allow you to hook up any MP3 player (iPod, etc.) for easy listening.

Controls & Features :

  • Bluetooth Compatible: Yes
  • Standard Programs: 6
  • Custom Programs: 2
  • Heart Programs: 2
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Pulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible
  • Chest Strap Included: Yes
  • Cooling Fans: Yes
  • Sound System: Yes
  • Display Color: White Back-lit
  • Incline: 0 - 15 Levels
  • Easy Assist Folding: Yes
  • Belt: 2 Ply

Warranty :
  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Deck: 3 Years
  • Electronics: 3 Years
  • Parts: 3 Years
  • Labor: 1 Year

SoleF85 Motorized Treadmill

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₹ 185000/Piece Get Latest Price

Motor Speed4 -12 mph
Dimensions81 x 37 x 57 Inch
Voltage240 V
Power SourceElectric
LCD screen10.1 inches
Frequency50 Hz

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Sole F85 Motorized Treadmill is designed to handle the hardest workouts. Sole's highest-rated foldable machine with unmatched durability combined with some of the most innovative high tech features.


  • Large rollers and flywheel provides consistent, quiet operation with unmatched durability
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces joint shock and impact by 40%
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction lasts for life
  • Rated for users weighing up to 400 lbs

Other Details
  • Top-Rated treadmill by websites such as My Gym Expert and Fit Rated
  • Folding Deck Design – Easy Assist makes storage simple and convenient
  • Easy toggling between different pre-set workouts and other important information including distance and heart rate
  • Smoothest transitions between different resistance rates
  • Perfect for runners of all levels

  • Bluetooth connection makes syncing with apps easier than ever
  • Wireless chest strap and pulse monitors provide real-time data
  • Controls along the side for easy adjustments
  • Most efficient foldable treadmill on the market

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